Scholarship Fund created by membership 07-94, Revised  07-09



1.        The TRBA will maintain a Scholarship Fund (Bulk Account) to award scholarships at the annual membership meeting each year.  The funds must be used for scholarship purposes.  A maximum of five (5) scholarships may be awarded if the eligible applicants are found deserving.

2.        Monies for the fund will be procured from donations, raffles, auctions, shows and other activities so designated.  Interest and other income derived may also be allowed to remain in the Bulk Account provided the cap is not exceeded.

3.        The President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer will maintain the Bulk Account in a CD or other income producing account.

4.        The Bulk Account will not exceed a $25,000 cap upon renewals or other movements of funds.

5.        All monies exceeding $25,000 will be placed in the scholarship Award Fund (Checking Account).



1.        A separate interest bearing account will be established and maintained by the President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.  The purpose of this account is to hold those funds received by the TRBA and designated for the Scholarship Fund.  This includes donations, raffles, shows, auctions and other related activities so designated.  All income derived from the Bulk Account may also be placed in this account.  The funds must be used for scholarship purposes.

2.        The President will appoint a Scholarship Awards Committee to perform the task of reviewing and selecting qualified TRBA members who apply for scholarships.  All monies in this account of $3,750 may be used for scholarship awards up to a maximum of five (5).  All excess monies over $3,750 left in the account after the payment of scholarships will be transferred to the Bulk Account upon renewal.

3.        Each TRBA member selected will receive a $750.00 scholarship.  Fifty percent (50%) will be issued for the fall semester and fifty percent (50%) for the spring semester of the award school year as a full time student.  The awardees must provide satisfactory proof for issuance of the scholarship money.



1.        Applicant must be a member in good standing of the TRBA and have actively engaged in breeding raising and showing of rabbits/cavies for at least three (3) years immediately preceding graduation from high school.  Applicant must be a legal resident of the State of Texas.

2.        Applicants may apply for a scholarship through the age of twenty-three (23).

3.        Applicants must have graduated from high school with at least a “C” average or, if already attending college or vocational training must maintain a “C” average (GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 system).

4.        The TRBA Scholarship is to be used for college or vocational training.



Each individual applicant must request a Scholarship Application Form from the TRBA Secretary’s office.  Notice of application deadlines and basic requirements will be printed in the January/February and March/April issue of the TRBA Newsletter and/or posted on the TRBA web site.  All applications must be completely filled out and sent to the TRBA Secretary, postmarked no later than June 10th.  The TRBA Secretary will send copies of all applications to all members of the Scholarship Awards Committee to arrive by June 30th.

1.     The applicant must submit any combination of four (4) letters of recommendation from teachers and/or             adult TRBA members in good standing.  No letters of recommendations will be allowed from TRBA Officers, Directors, Scholarship Awards Committee members, parents/relative or tutors.

2.  If attending high school, applicant must submit an official high school transcript and six (6) recent photos or snapshots.  If applicant is home schooled, must submit notarized home school grade transcript signed by parent or guardian and six (6) recent photos or snapshots.  If already attending college or vocational training, must submit official transcript and six (6) recent photos or snapshots.

3    Application must be made and approved each year.  Scholarship Award is for one (1) year only (July 1st. through June 30th).  A previous recipient may re-apply for consideration each year, as long as he/she is qualified.


Only applications requested and received from the TRBA Secretary’s Office in the year applied for will be accepted for consideration.